March 25, 2015

New gadgets

So when I got the van, it had a simple Sony headunit in, with Bluetooth.  However the sound quality never impressed me, and when using the phone it sounded awful.

My next order of business was to pop the old unit out, and find something better to fill the hole.  A few hours searching online, and I'd picked a winner.

The Kenwood DDX-4025BT.

Double DIN unit, with impressive spec, including DVD/CD/MP3/USB/iPod and bluetooth.  It also has a really clear screen on it, and a reversing camera input.

Moments later on eBay I found a basic reversing camera for around £10, including a 10m video lead.

The install was really painless, and took a matter of minutes, I spent another 3 hours taking the rear door apart to fit the camera and necessary wiring.

The bluetooh connectivity works really well, the reverse camera is fantastic, and the ability to play MP3's from a USB drive means no more discs rattling around the front.  I've got a 32gb drive tucked away in the glovebox.

For less than £235 for everything, and an afternoon in time, it's a fantastic upgrade and I wish I'd done it sooner.

March 13, 2015

Some self assembly required.

So after a week or two or what feels like relentless spending, there is a campervan in what used to be my dining room.  Well in self assembly parts anyway!

I've now got the power management system, water hose, waste water hose, gas hose, gas pipe, fittings, sink & hob, tap, pump, RIB Altair Bed, fitting kit, 12 cans of spray glue, and a huge roll of megavamats lining carpet. I've also picked up a new Kenwood Double DIN headunit and reversing camera.

So I'll be getting on fitting this lot while the credit card cools down a little from all the spending.

I've put the links to all the places I've sourced my parts from on the useful links section of the blog.

More updates to follow, and hopefully with some pictures too.

March 2, 2015

New roof day

First of all, my apologies in such a long gap between my updates on the blog.

February was a really busy month, and also expensive.  I decided to get the van in for the elevating roof before the rest of the conversion goes in.  So after many hours of research and a lot of thought, the van was left with James at Custom Campers, just outside Halifax.

I was a little apprehensive prior to leaving the van, as I wanted to do as much of this conversion myself as I could, but common sense kicked in, and this is definitely a job for the professionals.

I'm over the moon with the results, the new Austops slimline roof looks fantastic, and doesn't really stand out much at all.

The extra amount of room it provides is amazing.

The eagle eyed amongst you will also spot a new badges grill I fitted a few weeks ago.  Not too sure on this yet and it could well come off again....

Your thoughts?