June 3, 2015

The right floor for the job

So as the weather is improving I've wanted to get on with the conversion.  So next on the list was the flooring.

I wanted something that would last, and suited the furniture I've planned to make.

So after much deliberation, I opted for the Polyflor Modena PUR, in Jetstone.

First up, was to bond in some 9mm inserts into the recesses in the floor.

Next up was to carefully cut out and screw in the 12mm ply flooring.  Before fitting the flooring, I lay the Polyflor over the top and trimmed it to an exact copy of the ply flooring, this way I new I'd only have minor trims to do once in the van.

Now because I dont want to see any screw heads or lump in the floor, I tightened them all down so they were flush, then gave the flooring a good covering of the F60 adhesive.

A little tip for you, keep all the doors and windows open, as after a few minutes in there you wont remember what you were meant to be doing!  

And after a bit of massaging the bubbles out with a heat gun and a roller, the end result looks like this.

Now to mock up the furniture and make the wiring loom for it all..