December 7, 2015

Eberspacher Fitting

So one thing I loved about my old T25, was that I had an Eberspacher D2 fitted, which meant year round use, and lots of cosy evenings in the van.

It will come as no surprise, that I've planned on fitting the D2 in the new van  However, given the different layout it has taken a bit longer to figure out the best place to fit it.  I opted to fit it under the drivers seat, pulling cold air from the cab floor, and direct the rear vent directly into the rear space.

Fitting the unit was pretty straight forward as usual, being careful with the cutting, and ensuring all the new holes in the floor were rust proofed and painted.  There was a little bit of trimming the rubber flooring away to get a snug fit, but nothing too major.  The most complex part was dropping the tank to fit the fuel pick-up stand pipe.

The wiring is still loose in the back as the cabling for the controller and power etc need hiding away.

Heater tucked under the drivers seat.

 The tell-tale exhaust poking out from underneath.

If I can offer one piece of advice to anyone wishing to fit their own, don't do it on a very cold dark winters day!   Think ahead, buy it and fit it in the summer / autumn. You wont regret it!  If you use your van daily, they are a god send,  no more defrosting the windscreens in the morning, set the timer, and let the van warm up for you before you get in it.

If you look around on eBay you can pick up some bargains in Spring and Summer.  Especially ex BT van units, which come with a built in 1 hour timer, but there is an easy way to bypass this, or simply swap the controller out for a non BT software version one.