July 27, 2017

Little upgrades

I love my T5, but I'm always looking for little improvements where I can.

So far I've sourced a nearly new steering wheel, to replace the aged and cracked one I have now.

The centre console light has been upgraded to one from a Mk4 golf, which has two map reading lights built in.  Bargain too, at just £8 off eBay.

And lastly, I thought I  would try to improve the standard headlights of the van, with some chameleon tint film.

I'm still not decided on it though..

Finally, I've had the badgless grill painted gloss black, which I think looks loads better than the basic textured black.

Doorstore improvements

So from ealrier in the blog you'll see I bought a Kiravans DoorStor.  Which I love!  Such a great idea, and mega useful.

However, it's always bugged me that it didn't match the rest of my interior.  As such, I set about carpeting it.

Im quite impressed with the outcome.

Looks loads better now it's covered, and the carpet hides some of the rough edges on the plastic.

It's been a while

So it's been an age since I updated this blog with anything useful!  I've been out and about using the van, and enjoying it.

In March I took the van away for a long weekend, and we used the new Outwell Country road awning for the first time.  Ended up wanting more kit to go with the awning, but it worked well, and it was a blessing having the extra space with all the kit we took for Kensie.

Also I've managed a day out by the beach on Anglsey.  Lovely day, and a very quiet and isolated little spot we found.

Not too long ago, a friend has finished converting his own day van, so we gave it a test run on a local site.  The weather was terrible, but the company, BBQ and drinking made up for it all.